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Add Your Mark to the Global Monumental Hand-Print Tile Industry Mural

Add Your Mark to the Global Monumental Hand-Print Mural Project

Are you familiar with the Global Monumental Hand-Print Tile Industry Mural Project?

It's a massively big project, conceived by the Tile Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to research and the preservation of ceramic surfaces. The mural honors all who participate in and contribute to the tile industry; it also supports Tile Heritage's vital tile industry archiving work. 

Will you participate? 

What is this Global Monumental Hand-Print Mural Project?

As Lesley Goddin explains in An Inspiring Opportunity - Here's Your Chance to Put Your Hand in Clay!,

"The concept is to create a “monumental tile mural” honoring everyone with his or her “hand” in the tile industry today. All imprints will be part of this historic tile installation for posterity – it’s a FUN project!"

Once completed, the Global Monumental Hand-Print Mural will be installed in Anderson, South Carolina at Tile Council of North America headquarters (just five miles from CTEF's training facility).

The goal for Tile Heritage is to encourage individuals from every aspect of the tile industry to participate over the next year or so. The mural requires 5000 hand-print tiles.


During Coverings 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia,  many members of the tile industry (you see Martin Brookes up above) took advantage of this perfect and convenient opportunity to add their own mark!

They pressed their hands, names, logos or even inspiring thoughts into a wet clay tile to become part of the mural.

>> See Tile Heritage Foundation Holds Handprint Mural Workshop at Coverings

Other Ways to Become Part of the Tile Industry Mural Project

Coverings, sadly, only happens once a year. So, what to do in the meantime?

Good question!

In addition to workshops taking place around the country, the Tile Heritage Foundation has created another opportunity that may be easier for you:

  • Sponsor a Donor Hand Print Tile in your company's name and artists around the country who are collaborating with Tile Heritage Foundation will produce, fire and deliver your tile to TCNA.

The cost is $250 and you'll get to see an image of your final tile.

>> Learn more by downloading this document with details.

Who's Involved in the Global Hand-Print Mural Project?

As we mentioned, the Tile Heritage Foundation is the project creator. However, this is definitely a tile industry project supported, sponsored and embraced by many people and organizations such as,

  • Coverings
  • Taffy Events
  • TCNA (where the mural will be installed)
  • Freeman
  • Merola Tile
  • Interceramic
  • James Hardie
  • Mary Yocum of Schluter Systems
  • Hohn & Hohn
  • And others involved locally and nationally in the tile business.

Merola Tile Hand-Print Mural Workshop

Other Ways to Participate in this Global Monumental Tile Project at Coverings'18

Wait, there's more!

Become a Mural Sponsor

You and/or your organization can also become a sponsor of the Global Monumental Hand-Print Mural Project. You'll find several levels of support - from sponsoring workshops, clay, firing, installation and even t-shirts. For details, check out the sponsor form.

>> Download the Mural Sponsor form. 

Hand Print Tile Mural Success to Date!

To date, Tile Heritage Foundation has 600+ tiles!

Through 2020, THF anticipates making up to 5000 tiles from participants by engaging more people active today throughout the industry – becoming a part of the mural to be installed at Tile Council of
North America (TCNA) headquarters in Anderson, SC.

Ready to Add Your Own Mark?

This industry wouldn't be as successful as it is without the support of all of those involved. CTEF is certainly aware of that as you can see based on those who sponsor CTEF, are Friends of CTEF and host locations for CTI program hands-on testing.

Your mark belongs on the Global Monumental Hand-Print Mural Project.

Thanks for reading.


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Note: We originally published this article on April 17, 2018 and have updated it. Please participate in this fabulous project!