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Who We Are

About the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation

Ceramic Tile Education Foundation

What is the CTEF?

The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational institution that offers local, regional, and national training programs for consumers, installers, construction professionals, architects, designers, building inspectors, and sales associates interested in the sale and installation of ceramic tile.

A Source of Tile Education and Training

The CTEF has numerous educational and training courses available covering all facets of tile and the installation process.

>> See CTEF Training Programs.

>> Custom programs are regularly created to meet the needs of the industry.

A Source of Tile Installation Certification

CTEF also offers tile installation certification.

>> Learn about the Certified Tile Installer program.

>> Explore the Advanced Certification for Tile Installers.

Classes and certifications are conducted on a year-round basis at the CTEF facility in Pendleton, SC, in addition to numerous satellite programs elsewhere in the United States. 

CTEF provides a valuable service to the tile industry through local, regional and national training programs as well as through the Certified Tile Installer program.

The CTI program started in 2007 as a way to have a method to differentiate between mediocre and excellent tile installers.

When an installer passes, it means that a homeowner or specifier knows that the installer has passed a national standard on how to install tile, and that the job will be done properly the first time."

Scott Carothers

Scott Carothers, CTEF Academic Director

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The Vision for the CTEF Organization

CTEF is a leading authority on ceramic tile education and installation, trusted and relied upon by the industry and consumers, contributing to the training of industry professionals. CTEF is the foremost provider of installer certification programs.

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The CTEF Mission Statement

The Mission of the CTEF is as follows:

CTEF will expand the knowledge of professional ceramic tile installation through training, education, and certification.

CTEF will promote the applicable industry standards to new and experienced tile installers, architects, designers, builders, and tile industry related people. 

The overall goal of CTEF's activities is to raise the quality of ceramic tile installation

History of the CTEF

The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation was created in the later part of 1996 at the suggestion of the Tile Council of North America (TCNA).

Other supportive industry organizations such as theNational Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA), and foreign trade partners Ceramic Tiles of Italy (Italian Tile Producers) and Tile of Spain (Spanish Tile Producers) had long realized that the absence of an educational organization was and would continue to impact the ability to sell product in the American marketplace.

CTEF History: TCNA, NTCA, CTDA, Ceramic Tiles of Italy and Tile of Spain

The attrition of the current tile industry workforce, at the rate of several thousand per year, also served to compound the problem.

A review of current available curriculums and educational programs found that the available programs were sorely in need of updating or of a proprietary nature.

Armed with funding from the Coverings Tile & Stone Exposition and other industry partners, the decision was made to create from scratch numerous educational and training courses to assist the industry in the sales and installation of ceramic tile products.

The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation, a 501 C3 non-profit organization was created for this purpose. 

9,000 sqft Tile Installation Training Facility

The CTEF's training center is a 9,000-square-foot facility located in Pendleton, SC designed to meet the growing demand for ceramic tile-related and hands-on installation courses.

The CTEF's training center is a 9,000 square-foot facility located in Pendleton, SC

Each work area contains a tub and shower that are used as a practice area for tile setting, waterproofing, and shower pan programs.

The CTEF warehouse contains an extensive inventory of products donated by manufacturers to provide each student with the opportunity to learn the basics of floor and wall tile installation.

New Training Facility in Egg Harbor City, NJ!

New as of 2023 is the training facility in Egg Harbor City, NJ.


The commitment of the Tile Council of North America and the National Tile Contractors Association will assure the continuance of CTEF programs for years to come at a very modest price and manufacturers have been generous with financial and material donations.


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Don't hesitate to reach out! Contact us or call CTEF to become tile certified and/or to participate in tile installation training programs. 

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