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FTBK Training

Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Tile Installation Knowledge for the Non-Installer

Special Thanks to FTBK's Sponsor

The FTBK is a valuable, knowledge-filled document that provides much-needed information to those who are affiliated with the tile industry.   Through the generosity of Jason Goldberg of America's Floor Source, Retail Lead Management, and Tralama, the FTBK is available to you at no cost.

To learn more about this generous industry-building opportunity, please explore the following two resources:

>> See the Press Release:  Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Knowledge Now Available at No Cost 

>> Read the Blog Article: Access Fundamentals of Thin Bed Knowledge at No Cost

Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Knowledge (FTBK) 

Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Knowledge is an educational course designed to enhance the knowledge of persons who function in the tile industry so they can better assist and support the tile installer.

Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Knowledge: Tile Installation Course from CTEF

Thin-Bed Tile Installation Course Overview

Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Knowledge (FTBK) was developed specifically for non-installers such as sales staff, field representatives, and technical service personnel to augment their familiarity with the products, industry standards, installation methods, and best practices necessary to provide a tile installation of the highest quality.

The FTBK Study Guide provides the user with all the information encompassed in the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) curriculum. Topics covered in the guide include:

  • Working safely in construction environments,
  • How to use the TCNA Handbook and ANSI Specifications,
  • An overview of thin-bed installation methods for tile,
  • Concrete, masonry, and wood substrates,
  • Using bonding materials to set ceramic tile,
  • How to install backer boards and bonded membranes,
  • The different types of ceramic tile and how they perform,
  • Setting tile on wall and floors,
  • Grouting, caulking, sealants, and movement accommodation joints.

Each section includes a glossary of tile industry terms and review questions.

This home-based self-study is designed to allow the user to read and absorb the written materials at a pace that suits his or her situation. Without taking time away from daily work activities, the student can review the FTBK Study Guide and gain the knowledge necessary to become a valuable asset to tile industry clients.

Likewise, the online open book knowledge test is taken at home providing minimal schedule disruption.

Register for Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Knowledge.  Click the button below and pay just $99.00 to register for the online open-book knowledge test.

Register here or contact Cathey McAlister at (864) 222-2131 or via email cathey@tilecareer.com to register for this course.