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300-level Series

Dynamic Training Series for Tile Installation

300 Level: Dynamic Training Series - $3339 total

The 300 Level Dynamic Training Series is a course for tile professionals to expand their knowledge and skills with mortared walls/floors, new waterproofing technologies, mosaics, and large format tile and prepare themselves for ACT testing. 

Each segment is one week long to allow full focus on the topics. The sessions can be combined for a three-week program and a 20% discount.


DYNAMIC: 300 Level (can be combined for a three-week course = $3339, plus $75 off each ACT test*)

Prerequisites: CTI Certification

Materials Received: Booklet for each course, ACT Manual, TCNA Handbook, ANSI tile documents

Career Path: Leader


Course Name





Old and New School


Stitching the past to the future = mud & others



The Big and Small of it


Large format tile and mosaics



ACT School


Working on ACT modules



301 - Old and New School

Old and New School addresses the similarities and differences between yesterday’s and today’s methods and techniques. A classroom view of the history of traditional mortar bed methods and the evolution of materials to reduce the time and skill level of installers required to perform them.

Bridges will be made from sections of ANSI and The TCNA Handbook to understand how different standards and methods build off one another.  The classroom will also cover how to source and calculate materials, then move to hands-on with mixing and placing mortar, layout, and using jigs.  Students will cut and install other types of newer materials and old and new technologies alike will be extensively performed side by side in the mod room.

Students will address aspects of the CTI Tile Craftsperson test module while practicing certain methods.

302 - The Big and Small of It

Tile installation process differences between extremely small tiles and large format tiles differ greatly.

Students will spend time in the classroom looking through ANSI A137.1, A137.2, and A137.3 to understand and identify tiles that fall within the standards, as well as examine tiles that fall outside of the standard, then look through case studies from prep to finish of different types of tile installations.

Day one is classroom covering these items, with Days 2- 4 working hands-on with small to large tiles each day. Day 5 will focus on GPTP installation requirements.

303 - ACT School

ACT School is a full week of working through each ACT Module with a focus on understanding the testing parameters while practicing the hands-on portion. Students will cycle through all the ACT Modules (aside from Grouts and Membranes covered in the 100 Practical Series) including LFT,  Mud Floor, Mud Wall, Shower Receptors, and GPTP. Students will attain knowledge and preparation to help successfully pass the ACT Tests.

*ACT tests individually priced*



Note: Certificate of Completion is available upon request.

"CTEF strives to offer more training for the professional installer.

Beyond 100 and 200 Levels, the need exists for specialized training. Some installers do not have the opportunity to train with others and some may not have a chance to experience structured training.

The 300 Level class addresses techniques for the advancement of installers' skills and an understanding of how to succeed at ACT certification tests."

Brad Denny & Scott Carothers
CTEF Executive Director & Academic Director