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100-Level Tile Foundations Courses from CTEF

100 Level Foundations Program - $1219


The 100 Level Foundations Series is a one-week program for Apprentices and Finishers. It covers in-depth the components of year one for a ceramic tile tradesperson and includes the following three components.

  • Intro to Ceramic Tile (One day, 8 hours) focuses on understanding the History and Overview of the Trade along with how to set up a job site.

  • Ceramic Tile Finishing (Two days, 16 hours) explores with hands-on practice Grouting, Cleaning, and Membranes.

  • Advanced Finishing (Two days, 16 hours) prepares an apprentice for Troweling, Measuring, Cutting, and Repairing so they return home with an understanding and practice of these essential skills.

Note that by completing the 100 Level Foundations Series, the student will have covered information to prepare them for the ACT Membranes and ACT Grouts hands-on test modules and receive $79 off each test. These can be taken without the prerequisite Certified Tile Installer (CTI) test required for the other seven ACT test modules.

Although there are no prerequisites, CTEF recommends OSHA 10 training.


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Note that a certificate of completion is available upon request.

"The Foundations series gives an opportunity for an employer or someone new to the trade to build a foundation upon which to grow."

Brad Denny
Brad Denny
Formerly with Nichols Tile & Terrazzo
Now, CTEF Executive Director