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Practical Training Series

200 Level: Practical Training Series - $1529 total

The 200 Level Practical Training Series offers the next step in the tile installation professional’s career and prepares them for the Certified Tile Installer test while focusing on the skills needed to be successful in the field as a full-time installer during years 1-3.

Dividing the content into focused studies will allow the student to focus on the exact information he or she may need in a shorter amount of time or take all of them and receive a discount for the week.

  • Installation Big Picture (One day, 8 hours) looks at what it takes to be Accurate from Prep to Finish by examining what the industry standards and methods are, why they exist, and how to meet them. $429

  • Attention to Detail (Two days, 16 hours) covers Layout and How to be Precise with a broad view of construction math and geometry and a close look at how to use that for accuracy in every aspect of the tile assembly. $629

  • Where Did the Time Go? (Two days, 16 hours) is an essential study of productivity and Techniques to Make You More Efficient, important qualities for the installer looking to be well organized by using time wisely. $629

Note that by completing the 200 Level Practical Series, spending time in the field practicing disciplines, and studying the CTEF CTI Manual, the student will be prepared for the CTEF Ceramic Tile Installer knowledge and hands-on tests. The student will also receive a $79 discount on the CTI testing cost by completing all three classes.

 CTEF recommends OSHA 10 training before participating in this course.

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Note that a certificate of completion is available upon request.

Perspective from CTEF's Brad & Scott


Brad Denny, CTEF Executive Director
Scott Carothers, CTEF Academic Director

Installers have been asking for a CTI Prep course, but rather than have that be the only purpose new programming serves, we applied the same logic from the Foundations course to the “Practical” course.
This practical education can be waypoints of knowledge and skill along the installer’s journey or an opportunity for focused improvement for an experienced installer. It also includes aspects of the CTI test that can help an installer be prepared for success.