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Certified Tile Installer Program

Meet the CTI Hands-on Test Evaluators

Evaluators Expand the Certified Tile Installer Program Reach

More Opportunities Around the United States for Hands-on Tile Installation Testing

Regional Evaluators Expand Certified Tile Installer Program

The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) has developed the CTI Evaluator program to expand the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) Program hands-on testing. The program is led by Mark Heinlein and Scott Carothers, CTI Program Managers for CTEF.

What is the CTI Evaluator Program?

All CTI Evaluators must complete a rigorous training program to learn each aspect of the CTI hands-on test.

They must know how to fabricate and set up the testing modules, facilitate the installer Orientation, conduct the hands-on test, score the 140-point evaluation, and assist installers in furthering their understanding of the proper installation of ceramic tile through the Installer Improvement Form which is based on the results of the hands-on test.     

They are strategically based across the country.  With support from CTEF Program Managers, they organize and conduct hands-on testing within their range of operation giving the CTI program a nationwide team of highly trained Evaluators. 

Evaluators Expand the Certified Tile Installer Program Reach

What are the requirements of the CTI program?

Evaluator Qualifications

Candidates for the CTI Evaluator program require the following:

  • Be a Certified Tile Installer (CTI) or complete the demanding CTI Evaluator course which includes taking the CTI hands-on test.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the methods and details contained in the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) Handbook along with the ability to communicate this information to CTI candidates which is required to pass the hands-on test.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate the parameters of the CTI hands-on test.
  • Command respect from all installers taking the test, and, equally important, be supportive of and compassionate to those who fail or do not finish the test.    
  • Be comfortable managing a jobsite, project or a company. 
  • Have a full understanding of the tile industry and the ability to translate that knowledge to each candidate taking the CTI Test as well as everyone who may be observing.
  • Possess the ability to answer questions such as, "How can 25 square feet of tile be so difficult to install?" and "I've been installing tile for x number of years and never knew that I was doing it the wrong way!"

If you are selected, you will complete 4 to 6 days of training to learn the CTI hands-on evaluation process. This requires careful observation, exact measurements, and documenting what is seen with photos. The tools required include:

  • A digital camera
  • Clipboard for written documentation
  • Tape measure or 6' folding rule
  • Straight edge/ruler
  • Screwdriver to inspect the sealant
  • 3/4" x 3/4" wood block to gauge the size of floor cuts
  • Lippage gauge
  • 18" level
  • Torpedo level

Meet the CTI Evaluators

Scott Carothers

Scott Carothers, CTI Creator, Evaluator & Academic Director

CTEF, Pendleton, SC

Scott Carothers is the Director of Certification and Training for the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation headquartered in Pendleton, SC. 

He is responsible for the creation of the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) program and is also involved in the creation of the Advanced Certifications for Tile Installers (ACT) program as well as providing training to others in the tile industry.

Scott has been involved in the ceramic tile industry for over 39 years and owned a successful retail store and installation firm prior to coming to CTEF. He has served as President and Chairman of the Board of the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), Chairman of the NTCA Technical Committee, named the NTCA Tile Person of the Year in 2005 and received the NTCA Ring of Honor in 2013.  He is a voting member of the ANSI and the TCNA Handbook committees.

Joe Kerber #217

Joe Kerber, CTI #217

Kerber Tile Marble & Stone, Shakopee, MN

Joe Kerber started his career in the ceramic & stone industry as a tile helper for a small tile company in 1969. During the 1973 recession, Joe & his wife, Wendi, founded Kerber Tile, Marble & Stone, Inc. Their projects ranged from grout repair to large, upscale residential projects. They work with designers, architects, remodelers, general contractors and directly with clients in respect to their tile and stone needs. Joe and all his employees have attained CTI status.

Joe serves on the NTCA Board of Directors. As Region 7 NTCA Director, he serves parts of the Midwest. He is a member of the NTCA Methods & Standards Committee and the Technical Committee.

Fun Fact: Joe has filmed over forty episodes of tile installation on the television show “Hometime” with Dean Johnson. He has consulted on articles printed in Better Homes & Gardens and Handyman Magazines. He also consults on installation procedures and tile project failures.

When he’s not working, Joe enjoys traveling with his wife, Wendi. On summer weekends, you'll find him on the lake on Seadoos. He loves playing with all of his eight grandchildren. 

Shon Parker, CTI #999

Shon Parker, CTI #999

Project Manager, Hawthorne Tile, Portland, OR

Shon Parker has dedicated himself to the tile trade for 27 years. His first position as a training level helper opened the door to years of perfecting his craft, owning and operating his own custom tile installation company, and now bringing all that experience to Hawthorne Tile as a Project Manager.

Shon truly enjoys the art of tile, because it requires not only a mechanical aptitude but an artistic frame of mind to excel. He continues to build his knowledge through working with our clients, who are as unique and varied as our projects can be.

On a personal note, Shon has been fortunate enough to be married for 24 years and is the father of three bright and funny kids (and two goofy dogs.)

You can learn more about Shon in this article: Tile Certification Signals Commitment to Education and Training

Dave Rogers, CTI #1029

Dave Rogers, CTI #1029

Virginia Tile

Dave Rogers is a sales rep for Virginia Tile covering the Ohio and Michigan markets.

Dave is a past member of the NTCA Board. He is currently the past Chairperson of the NTCA Training & Education Committee. He is our longest-tenured Contract Evaluator and is a pillar for both the NTCA and the CTEF at all the national trade shows and events

Mark Heinlein, CTI #1112

Mark Heinlein, CTI #1112

NTCA Director of Training - Vice Trainer / East Coast

Mark Heinlein is the Training Director, Trainer and Presenter for the National Tile Contractor Association (NTCA). He is a CTEF CTI Evaluator and a former design/build tile contractor near Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Mark travels the United States conducting training events and connecting with tile industry professionals to ensure installations meet American tile industry standards. He engages with installers, contractors, distributors, specifiers and all tile industry professionals to help them expand their knowledge and understanding of recognized tile industry standards, methods and techniques to design, sell and build excellent tile installations.  

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Tom Cravillion, CTI #1116

Tom Cravillion, CTI #1116

Cravillion Tile & Stone, Plymouth, WI

Tom founded Cravillion Tile in 1997. Prior to that, he worked for another tile contracting company. Tom started in the trade at the age of 12, installing tile on house projects for the family business started by his architect father. Tom quickly formed a passion for installing tile and started contracting at the age of 15!

Many of the projects he has worked on have been featured in trade publications, gaining national recognition. Currently working primarily alongside his wife, Shana, he has downsized the business from once operating with many employees whom he trained directly. Both travel together & work on volunteer projects throughout the States, keeping up with modern tile trends and technology by attending Coverings, Workshops, TSP, etc. 

Tom is the State Ambassador for Wisconsin. With more than 40 years in the tile trade, he feels that continued education is a great motivator: "Grouting day is Payday" is a favorite slogan!

Matt Newbold, CTI #1118

Matt Newbold, CTI #1118

Elite Tile Setters, Lehi, UT

Matt Newbold is the Program Manager for Elite Tile Setters, a Five Star Contractor, in Lehi, Utah.

Matt has worked in the tile industry since 2003 and promoted Qualified Labor by focusing his company’s efforts on training and certification. As a result, Elite Tile Setters has increased the number of CTIs it employs from 2 to 9. Matt represents the NTCA by serving as the Utah State Ambassador. 

Outside of tile, Matt enjoys traveling with his wife, Brita, and their 3 boys. He is an NRA & Utah State Certified Firearms Instructor who specializes in security and personal safety.

Triniti Vigil, CTI #1144

Triniti Vigil, CTI #1144

J&R Tile, San Antonio, TX

Triniti Vigil is Director of Installation and lead Project Manager for J&R Tile in San Antonio, Texas, a Five Star Contractor.

Triniti manages all the installation projects, training and safety programs at J & R Tile. He is both a Certified Tile Installer (CTI) and ACT Certified in Thin Porcelain Tile, Large Format Tile, Mud Floors, Mud Walls, and Substrate Preparation & Shower Receptors.

Triniti is bilingual in Spanish/English, a great advantage in the training and testing of all facets of the tile industry.

Wherever we are evaluating, you will easily identify Triniti by his cowboy hat.

Jason Montgomery, CTI #1227

Jason Montgomery, CTI #1227

Montgomery Tile and Flooring

Jason Montgomery started Montgomery Tile and Flooring in 2004.

He started work in the construction field in 1994 and soon focused solely in flooring and tile. Ever since, Jason has been committed to furthering his education at every opportunity, including becoming a Certified Tile Installer through CTEF. He now has the privilege of helping others in the tile industry as a Regional Evaluator.

Originally from Fremont, Indiana, he has spent most of his life on the Eastern Shore of Virginia where he lives with his family. He has been married to his best friend, Rhonda, since 1998 and has 6 beautiful children, and now 6 wonderful grandchildren. When he has a little free time, Jason enjoys watching and playing baseball and hockey and reading. He's also a huge Star Trek fan!!!

Jason McDaniel, CTI #1273

Jason McDaniel, CTI #1273

Stoneman Construction LLC, Stafford, OR

Jason McDaniel started in the solid surface business 20 years ago when he learned granite fabrication skills. He decided to open Stoneman Construction LLC. in 2006, but after a week of being a business owner, he realized that he wasn't going to survive on kitchen countertops alone, that he needed to include tile work.

Ten years later, Jason is an NTCA State Ambassador, CTI and co-creator of an amazing Facebook group called the Global Tile Posse which helps installers learn about tile industry installation standards and important it is to implement them in our work every day.

Learn more about Jason in this article: Passionate About Setting Tile By the Book: Jason McDaniel Explains

Matt Welner, CTI #1276

Matt Welner, CTI #1276

Blue Ridge Tile & Stone, LLC, Hickory, NC

Matt Welner launched Blue Ridge Tile and Stone over 7 years ago. Before that, he worked under his own name for many years and also for several large corporations in the field. He started with tile when he was only 15 years old.  In total, he has over 17 years of experience with tile & stone installation.   

Matt and his wife have 2 children. Family is the most important thing in their lives and Blue Ridge Tile and Stone is a close second. He loves what he does and it shows in his work ethic and attention to detail. 

Matt is a member and ambassador for the NTCA, and a member of the Home Builders Association for Catawba County. He is committed to developing the trade and encouraging all installers to do the best job possible.

John Roberts, CTI #1278

John Roberts, CTI #1278

John Roberts Designs LLC

John Roberts has been a tile setter for 36 years. He started in the trade doing commercial tilework, traveling throughout the East Coast. Twenty years ago, he switched to residential, and now focuses on high-end residential remodeling. He now lives in Tennessee where he relocated after 10 years outside Atlanta, by the Georgia mountains. Before that, he spent 40 years in Orlando, Florida.

In 2016, John joined the NTCA and took his CTI test in Pendleton, SC in coordination with a Schluter Innovation Workshop. This class included several installers who have also become Evaluators:  Stephen Belyea CTI #1274 and Matt Welner CTI #1276.

In addition to being the Georgia State Ambassador for the NTCA, John volunteers as much as he can to help educate younger tilesetters at various NTCA workshops and at The Georgia Skills CEFGA. At Coverings 2018, he participated in the Installation Design Showcase Tiny House with NTCA 5 Star Contractor Woody Sanders and the DW Sanders crew. 

Ed Siebern, CTI #1289

Ed Siebern, CTI #1289

Mourelatos Tile Pro, Tucson, AZ

Ed has worked for Mourelatos Tile for 10 years and been a Tile Installer for 18 years.

Ed is married and has one child.

John Mourelatos, CTI #1290

John Mourelatos, CTI #1290

Mourelatos Tile Pro, Tucson, AZ

John Mourelatos, with his wife, Valerie, founded Mourelatos Tile Pro, which is based in Tucson, Arizona. He has been installing tile since 1997 and has two Certified Tile Installers on staff. 

John works tirelessly to promote Qualified Labor in the Tile Industry and the NTCA. He is an NTCA Ambassador for the State of Arizona and serves on the Training & Education and Membership Committees.  

John and Valerie have two children.

Woody Sanders, CTI #1295

Woody Sanders, CTI #1295

DW Sanders Tile & Stone, Marietta, GA

Woody Sanders founded DW Sanders Ceramic Tile & Stone Contracting in 1994. He started in the trade at the age of 11 unloading boxcars of quarry tile. Later he became a helper in the family tile business learning the tile and stone trade.

After college, he worked at C-Cure, NTCA, Mapei, and Custom Building Products in Technical services before returning to tile contracting. Today, DW Sanders is an NTCA Five Star Contractor.

Woody sits on The NTCA technical, education, and business committees where he is grateful to be a part of steering the tile industry's future.

Evaluator Emeritus

Dan Hecox, CTI #1215

Dan Hecox, CTI #1215

Hecox Construction, York, NE

Dan Hecox founded Hecox Construction in 1990.

Involved with the construction business for over 40 years, he specializes exclusively in tile, having jumped from his GC commercial restaurant specialty with regional Pizza Hut construction and some residential work, to strictly custom showers, bathrooms in new residential construction and remodels. 

Hecox is deeply involved in the industry and in making sure his customers are happy. An NTCA State Ambassador for Nebraska, he resides in York, Nebraska.

Sadly, Dan passed away after a brief illness on September 21, 2020.  Dan's passion and intense willingness to help attitude will not be forgotten.  Thanks, Dan for your dedication to the tile industry.