Ceramic Tile Inspection – $1,500.00

Ceramic tile industry organizations and experts annually receive countless requests for information relative to installation failures and inspection. In response to these requests, the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) is offering this intense 3 day classroom course.

Course Overview

Ceramic Tile Inspection is an intense 3 day, 24 hour classroom course to aid the inspector in properly evaluating ceramic tile installations.

You will learn the latest ceramic tile industry standards, procedures, and methods from industry experts with many years of experience. This study includes industry standards and test methods, how tile is manufactured and classified, proper installation techniques, how to evaluate tilework, correct use of materials and applications, how to prepare a written forensic report, and where to obtain industry information.

The resource materials used will include:

  • The TCNA Handbook, ANSI Standards,
  • ISO standards and test methods,
  • ASTM test methods and generally accepted industry practices.

Some hands-on training may be involved.

Prerequisites for this class include a good working knowledge of substrates and ceramic tile installation, general construction practices, the use of common tools, and an ability to write clearly.

Certificates of attendance are provided to all attendees.

To Receive a Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion is awarded upon satisfactory completion of a take-home, open book test, within 30 days.

Instructor approval is required prior to registration. This course does NOT provide certification as a ceramic tile inspector.

Course cost: $1,500.00

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