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A Roadmap to Becoming a Tile Professional

The roadmap to becoming a tile installation professional isn't easy. That said, CTEF is actively developing training to help you each step of the way as I detail in this article.

From Here to Becoming a Tile Professional

As a tile installer, it can be easy to find yourself in a place where you ask yourself 'Where do I go from here'? Maybe it’s during an installation that isn’t going as expected, or maybe it’s out of frustration because you are not happy with your business model.

Fear not, you are not alone.

Large CTEF

Learning As You Encounter Installation Challenges

Many installers are forced into situations beyond their capabilities.

It seems to be a prerequisite to be a tile installer… that pioneering let’s-get-it-done attitude, regardless of the level of the challenge, and that can lead to headaches.

Installers frequently report they had to learn what they needed to get by. They didn’t have a teacher and they are proud of their accomplishments in a void of influence. Rightly so. YouTube, social media, an uncle, a friend, a manufacturer seminar, or visually watching someone else may have been the pathway for learning.

However, those little touches of education can lead to huge gaps in knowledge and skill.

Addressing Gaps in Tile Installation Knowledge and Skill

CTEF is working diligently to address these gaps.

In the past, trade schools, unions, and mentorship programs have been excellent avenues of learning and development for the skilled craftsperson. With a fragmented learning process, one skill may be missed or underdeveloped before moving on to the next.

Like a building with an incomplete foundation or weak or missing structural members which can prevent the building from being strong and built as tall as it can be, missing skills and knowledge prevents installers from achieving the highest goals in the trade. So, how do we fix it?

A Systematic Approach to Becoming the Best Installer of Ceramic Tile

CTEF has developed a systematic approach to learning the skills and knowledge to be the best and most productive installer of ceramic tile.

By focusing on specific levels of instruction, tile professionals can attend a CTEF course, and take the knowledge back home to their businesses to practice and master the skills introduced.

Then, they can return for the next level of information and activities to challenge them.

This repeated process provides a strong foundation to build from, and a solid structure to withstand the forces exerted upon it every day.

A Program For Tile Installers By Successful Tile Installers

Successful companies have contributed to the strategy for these classes and each level of instruction is centered around the Department of Labor (DOL)-recognized NTCA Apprenticeship Program.

Having tile installers spend time in CTEF classes developing their skills is a great investment for a company interested in reinforcing the best practices being applied at the company level to move employees along a career path.

Sole proprietors can use these course pathways to educate themselves and consider how to train the next person they bring on as they move toward less installation in their career.


The CTEF Roadmap to Becoming a Tile Professional

What does this tile installation professional roadmap look like? To start with, it features three levels.

100-Level Foundations Series

The 100 Level Foundations Series is a one-week program for Apprentices and Finishers.

It covers in-depth the components of year one for a ceramic tile tradesperson and includes the following three components:

  • Intro to Ceramic Tile 
  • Ceramic Tile Finishing 
  • Advanced Finishing

200-Level Practical Training Series

The 200 Level Practical Training Series offers the next step in the tile installation professional’s career and prepares them for the Certified Tile Installer test while focusing on the skills needed to be successful in the field as a full-time installer during years 1-3.

The three areas of focus are:

  • Installation Big Picture 
  • Attention to Detail
  • Where Did the Time Go? 

300-Level Dynamic Training Series

The 300 Level Dynamic Training Series is a course for tile professionals to expand their knowledge and skills with mortared walls/floors, new waterproofing technologies, mosaics, and large format tile and prepare themselves for ACT testing.

In this series, you'll address:

  • Old school vs. new school
  • The big and small of it
  • ACT school


Are You Ready to Learn More About the Roadmap?

Please visit the website for more information and to find the right course for where you are on our calendar, and get started following the CTEF roadmap to professional tile installation.

Thanks for reading!

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