CTEF Hires Bradford Denny CTI #1190 as Executive Director

November 1, 2021 


The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) proudly announces that Bradford Denny CTI #1190 has joined CTEF as executive director effective November 1, 2021.

Most recently, Brad Denny was Vice President of Nichols Tile and Terrazzo in Nashville, Tennessee, a family-owned tile contractor business. He has a proven track record of success as a contractor and leader in the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), having served as a board member of NTCA. He became a Certified Tile Installer in January 2016.

In 2021, Mr. Denny received the NTCA Tile Person of the Year Award for his volunteerism. He is passionate about the tile industry and the importance of proper tile installation methods and standards and serves as a respected mentor in the installation community.

Mr. Denny takes on the role that Bart Bettiga, executive director of NTCA and member of the CTEF board of directors, has played on an interim basis, so CTEF could not only focus on launching certification programs such as the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) and Advanced Certifications for Tile Installers (ACT), but do so in the leanest manner possible with only two full-time staffers: one focused on certification and education, and the other on administration. CTEF has been instrumental in developing and growing industry-recognized tile installation certification in the U.S., as well as offering important education programs that benefit the tile industry.

“It is time the Foundation has dedicated leadership to take CTEF to a new level utilizing all the tools put in place in the past few years,” says Bettiga. “We are excited to have found the individual we are confident will make that happen.”

As CTEF executive director, Mr. Denny will manage CTEF from his home office in Nashville. He will be in regular contact with CTEF volunteers, board members, and CTEF Staff. Scott Carothers, CTEF director of certification and training, will mentor him as he grows the program and trains evaluators. Mr. Carothers will continue to lead educational and training classes and programs offered by the Foundation.

“I am honored to join CTEF as executive director, and excited about getting the word out about CTEF programs so we can significantly grow the community of certified installers who respect tile installation methods and standards and enthusiastically promote them with customers and specifiers,” says Bradford Denny.

“The lack of qualified and trained tile installers is one of the most significant threats to the growth of the tile industry, and the success of the CTI and ACT certification programs, as well as the training courses offered by the CTEF, is a vital component to solving this problem,” adds Bettiga. “Having a leader like Brad Denny on board is a significant step in building on the mission of CTEF. Please join us in welcoming Brad to CTEF as executive director.”

To learn more about Mr. Denny, read https://www.ceramictilefoundation.org/blog/nichols-tile-brad-denny, an interview conducted with him after he participated in the Installation & Design Experience with “Hidden Oasis” during Coverings 2019.

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The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) provides education and installer certification for professionals working in the ceramic tile and stone industry. Certification programs include the CTEF Certified Tile Installer (CTI) program which is the only third-party assessment of installer skill and knowledge to be recognized by the tile industry and the Advanced Certifications for Tile Installers (ACT).

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