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CTEF Blog - About Tile Education and Installer Certification

Never Assume You Have Sufficient Mortar Coverage. Check It.

How to Install Tile with Electrical Radiant Heating

Fight Subpar Tile Installation Says John Trent CTI #277

ANSI Standards: A Tile Installer's Best Friend!

How Do You Protect the Tub in a Bathroom Tile Remodel?

Have You Explored WhyTile.com?

Meet CTI #1500: Alex Smith of Boone, NC

Become a Certified Tile Installer Says Bill Baptista CTI #834

Back Buttering Tile: How Important Is It?

Why Do You Need Expansion Joints When Installing Tile?

Why Should You Take the CTI Test? Contractors Respond

How Not to Install Tile on Floors, Walls and in Showers

CTEF Is Searching for an Executive Director!

Two Yes or No Questions for Hiring a Tile Setter

How Topical and Penetrating Sealers Protect Your Tile and Stone

How To Select the Right Trowel Notch To Obtain the Required Mortar Coverage

Does Your Tile Slope To the Drain?

Coverings CG Villa Features Beautiful Tile Tiny Home Solution

Coverings Luxe Cottage Accentuates Details with Tile

Free Online Prep Course for Becoming a Certified Tile Installer

Visalia Ceramic Tile Installs Luxe Cottage at Coverings18

The First Ever CTI Challenge - Coverings 2018

Coverings 2018 Welcomes DW Sanders to Installation Design Showcase

J&R Tile Installs Gauged Porcelain Tile in Coverings 2018 Tiny House

The Tile Installation Experience with Scott Carothers at Coverings

Why You Need to Eliminate Spot Bonding When Installing Ceramic Tile

How Proper Planning Ensures a Happy Tile Installation

The Ultimate Guide to Underlayment for Tile

Certified Tile Installers Strengthen Brekhus Tile & Stone Professionalism

Is Your Tile Layout Centered and Balanced, With No Small Cuts?

There's Real Value to Being a Certified Tile Installer

Add Your Mark to the Global Monumental Hand-Print Mural Project

How to Avoid Visible Trowel Ridges Through Translucent Glass Tile

Getting the Coverage You Need Under Large Wall Tile

Elevate Your Reputation With Tile Certification: Martin Brookes Explains

Qualified Labor, Certification, Tile Industry Recognized: New CTEF Logo

Meet a Serial CTI Test Host: Brent Stoller, Virginia Tile

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Tile Installers for Homeowners

Daltile San Antonio, Texas, Hosts Hands-On CTI Test

Grading the Toughest 25 Square Feet of Tile You'll Ever Install (Video)

7 Reasons to Become a Certified Tile Installer

Want Credit Card Grout Joints? First Check Tile Industry Standards.

Qualify Your Tile Installation Contractor With These 5 Questions

How to Correctly Trowel Mortar When Installing Tile?

Passionate About Setting Tile By the Book: Jason McDaniel Explains

15 Tile Installation Resolutions for 2018

Why Tile Installation Certification is Necessary

Schluter Hosts First New Jersey Hands-On Certified Tile Installer Test

Understanding Efflorescence aka that Ugly White Powder on Your Tile

The TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass and Stone Tile Installation

Stand Out as a Tile Installer: Be Certified!

A Flat Floor vs. a Level Floor: What's the Difference?

Where Do You Find Porcelain Tile Installation Standards and More?

How to Evaluate a Finished Tile Installation

D&B Tile Distributors and Tile Certification: Harold Yarborough Q&A

Tile Certification to Test Your Skill and Knowledge

Have You Added Tile Edge Protection to Your Installation Project?

How to Deal with Flooded Tile Installations

5 Tile Trends Affecting Installation Methods and Standards from Coverings17

Addressing Low Grout Joints with Tile Installation Standards

Tile Certification Signals Commitment to Education and Training

Installing Large Format Glass Tile in a Shower: 10 Steps to Follow

Have You Adequately Prepped the Substrate for Tile?

How Cox Tile Guides Success of Coverings Installation Design Showcase

Tile Industry Teamwork in Action at Artistic Tile in Nashua, NH

Tiled Vitruvian Tiny House by BlueTreeHome's Nikki Vega Mimics Nature

How to Deal with Tile Discoloration in a Shower

J&R Tile's Erin Albrecht Talks Tile in a Tiny House

Have You Been Laying Tile for 20 Years? Get Certified Says Charles Nolen

Tile Inspires West Michigan Tiny House by The Georgia Pear Interiors

Dan Welch Talks About the West Michigan Tiled Tiny House

Tile Accentuates Mid-Century Tiny Home Design: Kim Lewis at Coverings17

Visalia Ceramic Tile's Sam Bruce Discusses Tiling a Tiny Home

Should You Install Tile Under Cabinets?

NTCA Reference Manual: An Invaluable Tool for the Tile Industry

Precision Tile's Scott Heron: Committed to Quality Tile Installation

Video Details Hands-on Certified Tile Installer (CTI) Test

Timeless Tile Installations That Delight the Senses

How to Install Floor Tile When It's Natural Stone Rather Than Ceramic

How Acceptable is Warped Tile?

How to Deal With Tile Installation Problems?

How to Prepare for Tile Shade Variation

Why Tiling an Elevator Floor May Not Be a Good Idea

Certification Means Greater Efficiency in Setting Tile

How Qualified Tile Contractors Participate in the NTCA Technical Committee

Looking to Hire a Tile Installer? Here's Your Roadmap.

Do You Ignore Grout Manufacturer Directions?

What's an Ideal Sustainable Building Material? Tile Of Course!

What a Pyrite Wall Failure Teaches You About Proper Tile Installation

What HGTV Can Teach You About Quality Tile Installation

Is Your Floor or Wall Flat Enough for Large Format Tile?

Addicted to Quality Tile Installation

Kevin Insalato Promotes Tile Installation Certification

Coverings Now Elite CTEF Sponsor

Tile Installation That Satisfies Greatest Expectations For Quality

Do You Have Enough Mortar to Accommodate Most Tile Warpage?

The Top Tile Associations and Organizations

Seeing Proper Tile Installation is Believing: Remodeling Show, Baltimore

How To Differentiate Your Business With Tile Installation Certification

Kicking Tile Industry Education Up a Notch with Non-Partisan Events

When to Avoid Hiring a Tile Contractor: 10 Warning Signs!

Why a Tile Installation Mockup is Really Necessary

Ensure Proper Tile Installation: Become a Certified Tile Installer

The Future Looks Bright for Certified Tile Installers: Installation Summit 2016

CTEF Friends and Sponsors Make Quality Tile Installation Possible

5 Benefits of Being a Certified Tile Installer

Sustainable Tile, Expert Installation Make for Spa Lobby by Healing Environments

Wood Plank Tile Creates Fun Vibe for Architecture is Fun’s Hotel Lobby

Thin Tile Installation Expertise Creates Clubhouse Bar & Lounge

Why Scott Carothers Cares Intensely About Tile Installation Certification and Education

The Top Ten Requirements for a Quality Tile Installation

Synergy Between Ceramic Tile Installation and Design? Critical Says Alena Capra

When Expert Tile Installers and Designer Create a Retail Space at Coverings16

Hiring a Tile Installer? Here's What to Look For.

What's the Certified Tile Installer Program?

Tile Installation Certification in Action

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